Comparison of Pictures

This page compares pictures taked by Charlie on 11-17-14 after a moderate rain event with pictures taken by ADEM 4 days later (11-21-14) as part of an inspection of the site.

We and ADEM do not use the same nomenclature to designate the settlement ponds.  I (DBB) have compared the pictures closely, and my best judgement is that the designations that Charlie and I use (shown on the left below) line up with the ADEM designations as follows:

My Designations
ADEM's Designations
west pool
sediment basin 1
east pool
sediment basin 2
middle pool
sediment trap

Note on 12/9/2014: I plan to ask ADEM to confirm my line up of pool designations.  When I receive confirmation, I will post here to confirm or update the designations.


Sediment Basin 2/East Pool                                

Here is a picture of Sediment Basin 2/East Pool taken by ADEM on 11-21-14.

And here is a picture of the same pool taken four days earlier by Charlie.  Although it is at a distance, you can see that the runoff is level with the top of the discharg drain pipes, which means that this pool discharged sediment in the direction of Big Branch on 11-16-14 and 11-17-14.  You can also see evidence of that from the picture above, which shows straw on the top of the discharge drain pipes.



Sediment Trap/Middle Pool

Here are two pictures taken by ADEM on 11-21-14.

And here are two pictures of the same pool taken by Charlie four days earlier.  This pool seems to have performed better than the other two.

Sediment Basin 1/West Pool

This is the pool that sees the most action during a rain event.

The following 5 pictures were taken by ADEM on 11-21-14.

The following four pictures taken by Charlie four days earlier show a much different picture.  They show that the Sediment Basin 1/West Pool was overwhelmed by the 11-16, 11-17, rain event.