5/6/2018: As if the damage to the river from the reclamation of the upstream abandoned mines land site were not enough (see Public Area 1- Damage to River by Abondoned Mine Lands Reclamation Project (2013-2015)) the City of Vestavia plans further construction at the site. The following is a quote from a March 18, 2018, article published on

Vestavia HillsThe City of Vestavia Hills received preliminary approval for $750,000 in 2017 AML Pilot program grant funds for additions and improvements to the Sicard Hollow Athletic Complex, portions of which are situated on 65-acres of previously reclaimed abandoned mine lands.These improvements would include construction of a 300- seat amphitheater with covered stage, 50-person pavilion building, public wi-fi access, the installation of a turn lane on Sicard Hollow Road, expansion of parking facilities, and the addition of a multi-purpose athletic court. This project is anticipated to create 1,000 jobs due eight to 10 new businesses and more than 100 existing or improved businesses to service the demand for restaurant, retail, and hotel amenities.Work on the projects is expected to begin by summer 2018.

 So . . .

I am resuming my log of construction at the site and the impact of that construction on the Little Cahaba River.

April 15, 2018: Had about 4 inches of rain last night. Water looks pretty good.  I took these pics to show the current absence of mud and runoff, even after a heavy rainfall.

VestParkAmpPics/Rainfall Event 4-15-2018/20180415_101005.jpg                              

VestParkAmpPics/Rainfall Event 4-15-2018/20180415_101009.jpg

VestParkAmpPics/Rainfall Event 4-15-2018/20180415_101054.jpg

VestParkAmpPics/Rainfall Event 4-15-2018/20180415_101222.jpg

VestParkAmpPics/Rainfall Event 4-15-2018/20180415_101338.jpg

6/9/2018 12:54:27 PM: On June 9 I took the following photos of the construction site - there was no activity as of that time.

VestParkAmpPics/Pix - 6-09-2018/20180609_102356.jpg

VestParkAmpPics/Pix - 6-09-2018/20180609_102402.jpg

VestParkAmpPics/Pix - 6-09-2018/20180609_102408.jpg

11.21.2018 3:19:54 PM: Still no activity at the site. Here some pics that I took this afternoon.

VestParkAmpPics/Pix - 11.21.2018/20181121_123834.jpg

VestParkAmpPics/Pix - 11.21.2018/20181121_123853.jpg

VestParkAmpPics/Pix - 11.21.2018/20181121_123844.jpg

VestParkAmpPics/Pix - 11.21.2018/20181121_123859.jpg

VestParkAmpPics/Pix - 11.21.2018/20181121_123911.jpg